Your Initial GAPS Consultation will be a thirty minute session over the phone, to discuss if the GAPS diet and protocol is a good fit, and decide whether or how you should move forward with coaching services.

Follow up consultations can occur over the phone or via zoom, and are booked by the hour. Consultations are opportunities to be provided with direct, individualized GAPS training specific to your interest and need; to be provided with additional articles, checklists and GAPS resource material to keep you on track, and to troubleshoot any area of your GAPS journey you need particular help, clarification or support in.

In Person Coaching and Services

An In Home Fridge and Pantry Sweep Service is designed to help you eliminate all non compliant GAPS foods, condiments, and ingredients from your kitchen so that you can begin your GAPS journey with a clean slate and are ready to re-stock with GAPS healing foods!

The GAPS diet and protocol consists of lifestyle modifications that can be confusing to navigate – the Household and Personal Care Sweep is a service that allows me to help you pull out all cleaning products and personal care products in your home that are contributing to toxicity, and I will provide you with checklists for GAPS allowable replacement products!

Sometimes we just need someone to show us! The In Home Cooking Lessons Service allows me to come to your home and do just that – I prepare you with a list of tools and products you’ll need, and  teach you whatever GAPS cooking skills you’re interested in becoming proficient in – whether that be how to batch cook, to make the perfect meat stock, to properly ferment foods or to make GAPS yogurt in your own kitchen.

The GAPS Grocery Shopping Tour Service allows me to take you on a tour of your own grocery store and to teach you how to shop for food GAPS style!  We’ll explore the products and create a GAPS go-to grocery shopping list based on what your local store carries and what GAPS foods you’d like to eat!

If you’re ready to dive into the GAPS diet and protocol with both feet, I offer an In Home GAPS Whole House Audit Service, which will include household cleaners and personal care product sweeps, fridge and pantry sweeps, as well as recommendations on what actionable modifications you can incorporate into your home to make your daily living space a non-toxic, GAPS supporting haven for you and your people to heal in.

The Mealtime Management and Fussy Eaters Support Service: Most small children have moments of being picky, but if your child has autism, ‘picky’ can be taken to a whole new level of challenge. If you want to move forward with the GAPS diet to support your child on the spectrum but are afraid they simply won’t eat GAPS foods, the mealtime management/ fusser eaters support session is for you. I will come to your home and teach you simple, actionable ABA (applied behavioral analysis) strategies to set you and your little one up for GAPS mealtime success and encourage you along the way.


A GAPS COACHING package includes 4 consultations ( one Intro Consult and three Follow Up Consults) and two in-person coaching sessions ( in home pantry sweep, cooking lesson, GAPS grocery tour, mealtime management training, fridge restock) customizable to your need and choice. The package comes with supplemental GAPS reading and resources to make your journey as supported and successful as possible – this would be a great gift to give a family you love looking to embark on the GAPS diet for their child.